React学习(五)-- Diff 算法

Posted by liveipool on May 10, 2017

React学习(五)– Diff 算法

组件并不是真实的 DOM 节点,而是存在于内存之中的一种数据结构,叫做虚拟 DOM (virtual DOM)。只有当它插入文档以后,才会变成真实的 DOM 。根据 React 的设计,所有的 DOM 变动,都先在虚拟 DOM 上发生,然后再将实际发生变动的部分,反映在真实 DOM上,这种算法叫做 DOM diff ,它可以极大提高网页的性能表现。


var MyComponent = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    if (this.props.first) {
      return <div className="first"><span>A Span</span></div>;
    } else {
      return <div className="second"><p>A Paragraph</p></div>;

React is going to use this representation to try to find the minimum number of steps to go from the previous render to the next. For example, if we mount < MyComponent first={true} / >, replace it with < MyComponent first={false} / >, then unmount it, here are the DOM instructions that result:

None to first:
Create node: < div className=”first” >< span >A Span< /span >< /div >

First to second:
Replace attribute: className=”first” by className=”second”
Replace node: < span >A Span< /span > by < p >A Paragraph< /p >

Second to none:
Remove node: < div className=”second” >< p >A Paragraph< /p >< /div >

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